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Outside The Camp likes their alternative rock to have a guitar driven twist

First:  Richard Winn
Second:  Justin Solano, Chris Lopez, Casey Baggz
Third:  Daniel and Nik Mackey
First: Richard Winn Second: Justin Solano, Chris Lopez, Casey Baggz Third: Daniel and Nik Mackey
Brandalyn Mackey

Instead of going with the typical introduction, this interviewer is just going to let the members of North Texas based  Outside The Camp speak for themselves.  They do a good job. 

How do you describe your signature style?

Casey Baggz, drums/vocals:  I say by the guitars.  The stuff on the EP that we just released, Divine in the Wake of Disaster, is really guitar driven. (Divine in the Wake of Disaster is available on itunes.)

Justin Solano, guitar/vocals :  I guess it's kinda a modern rock feel with an 80's solo touch.  I guess that would be the best kind of description, with a teensy bit of "scream" from Casey and trying to get the melody in there with Chris.

Casey:  Pretty much what alternative rock is today mixed with some 80's guitars. 

What is behind your name?

CaseyOutside The Camp is taken from Hebrews 13:12-13 and it says, pretty much, that Jesus sanctified the people with His own blood by suffering outside the gate so let us go to Him outside the camp bearing His reproach, so that's our mission statement.  Pretty much everything about this band is not only to reach out to other fellow Christians, but more so about being a missionary type band of going into the secular world and hoping to reach non-believers in order to help them learn more about God. 

Why do you think you work as a band?

Justin:  I think our personalities compliment each other.  You've got Richard who's always happy. 

Richard Winn, lights/keys:  Howdy!

Justin:  You've got Nik who's just Nik.  There's no real way to describe Nik.  You've got Casey who kinda takes care of business.  You've got Dan who's the shy type.

Chris Lopez, vocals:  It also helps that we have a sense of humor. 

Justin:  Yeah, that's a big thing. 

Chris:  We have a lot of similarities.  We love 80's movies.  We have sleepovers and watch 80's movies.  Last week we watched The Lost BoysKiefer Sutherland's best haircut ever. 

Who is your target group?

Casey:  We're just trying to reach out to people who really don't go to church or who've had bad experiences in a church and who've had bad experiences with Christians.  That's the one group we want to reach and then, the other group would be Christians who are just struggling with a lot of things going on in their life.  We're hoping with our music and our personalities of meeting people after shows that we can help people get through whatever it is that they're having troubles with right now.  We realize how hard life is and everyday is a battle to just maintain sanity.  We hope to be able to help people have another way out rather than just destroying themselves. 

Why music?

Richard:  Because it's universally known.  Everyone connects to music, whether it just be a simple beat or the full out orchestra or band or a solo artist.  Everyone connects to music someway or another. 

Daniel Mackey, guitar:  With music, it's a lot easier for me to put emotions with that than talking with someone.  So, music for me has been a big deal.  I have a hard time talking with people, so music has helped me a lot.  If we could help just one person out I would be happy. 

Richard:  Basically, it's a language, because everyone can form the words to talk to somebody especially if it is really, really personal to that person or the person you're going to be talking to, so you bring it out in a journalized subject and it helps you ease into a conversation.

Why do you support TOMS, Invisible Children, Blood:Water Mission, and To Write Love On Her Arms?

Casey:  It goes along with being a Christian band and trying to lead by example.  We should be doing more than just pushing people to check out our music.  We have the ability to bring attention to a bunch of issues that are happening in the world that a lot of people don't know about.  TOMS gives shoes to children without shoes.  I'm pretty sure most everyone in America doesn't know what it's like to grow up without shoes.  To Write Love On Her Arms is to prevent suicide and keeping it in the forefront that kids are dealing with some crazy stuff today.  And with the others, there's just a lot of things going on in the world that we have the ability to help not happen.  If we're getting attention because of our music, then we should definitely be bringing attention to things that we're involved with in our personal lives.  Like the Coca Cola commercial, if everyone actually helped each other in the world, then who knows what kind of place this would be.  I'm hoping with our music that if people see that (we support these charities) it may influence them to take action. 

When you have a concert what is the main idea you want to leave with your audience?

Chris:  We want people to know what we stand for and there not be any doubt in their mind what we are saying on stage.  We're there for help if anyone wants to talk or for hugs or give high fives.  We always give those out willingly.  Just to let people know that there are people there to listen if they ever need any help.  Our music isn't the only way they can get help, we're willing to listen and help wholeheartedly and to show them the love of Jesus Christ with our own lives. 

What song do you wish you wrote?

Chris:  That's like asking the question, "If you were going to an island,  and could take only one cd, what cd would you take?"

Richard:  Mine would be Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive, because it always gets stuck in my head at random times and so I wish I could have been the one that started that.

Casey:  Michael Jackson's Thriller.

DanTime by Pink Floyd, because that's what got me into guitar. 

Nik, bass guitarCrash by Dave Matthews.

ChrisSister Golden Hair by America

JustinMadeline by Winger

Your dream tour, who would you tour with?

Much discussion took place before the following bands were selected.

Underoath, Thrice, and August Burns Red

Chris:  That would be a sick tour.

What is a materialistic thing you would have trouble living without?

Justin:  My guitar.

Richard:  A keyboard phone.  I don't want to have to think about what I'm texting, I just want to be able to flow with it. 

Chris:  My movie collection of about 1,000.  Over half of them are 80's movies. 

Nik:  Socks

At this point everyone pointed out to Nik that he doesn't ever wear socks, even in 12 inches of snow. 

So, after much harassment, Nik changed his answer.

Nik:  Pepper Jack cheese and my ipod.

Casey:  My ipod. 

Dan:  I can't live without cardigans.  If I see one, I buy it.  I get called Mr. Rogers. 

If these boys are as entertaining on stage as they are in an interview, then anyone attending a concert is in for a blast.  Casey says they are not responsible for your face melting off.  Richard says they are responsible for you being blinded.  Find their concert dates and video blogs at Outside The Camp.


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