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Outreach Ministries


       Lately I have been wanting to write about the different ministries that some of the surrounding Atlanta GLBT churches had to offer, I was impressed with the amount of outreach ministries that many of the churches had to offer, but none were able to catch my eye like that of The Vision Church of Atlanta.

        With his church mission statement being "Moving from Vision to Victory", Pastor O.C. Allen III is making huge strides in the GLBT Christian community. His church, The Vision Church of Atlanta, has so many unique outreach ministries that provide hope for the GLBT community  that I just had to spread the word. One of the many outreach ministries was Social Justice, which focuses on a different topic each month; a recent topic was Jesus in Justice day where the church had different elected officials come in to tell exactly what they were going to do for the community and what their plans were if re-elected. Another past topic was “The Importance of having a Living Will”, which Pastor Allen had lawyers come in and speak on the importance of having a living will especially if your partner’s family is not very accepting of the relationship. Next month’s topic is Transgender Day, which is centered on understanding the Transgender community. The Vision Church of Atlanta is not only making strides through community impact but also through providing a place where young GLBT Christians can go and enjoy themselves without stepping into Gay bars and Clubs.

       V Lounge is a spoken word and open mic night that is held at the church on one Friday out of every month, this gives young members the chance to come and show case their talents and also enjoy the company of other young Christians with out alcohol or the temptation to do anything other than just have a good time. Other outreach ministries that are found in the church are The Blanket and Food Drives which are usually held in the winter months when the church gets together and gives out warm blankets and hot meals to those less fortunate and in need of a little food and warmth from the cold. I was very touched by how hard Vision members come together to support not only the community in which the live but also one another; It was a very heartfelt moment to talk to Vision member Simone Williams and hear her tell me how the church provides seminars on health and wellness for gays and lesbians to make sure that the members are living well and safely. Vision is also one of the many GLBT churches that I found that is offering help to Haiti, donations can be made on the website to support in the relief efforts in Haiti.

       This is one church that is using their Benevolent offering as a means to help others which is the true meaning of Love. The Vision Church of Atlanta is located at 1240 Euclid Ave, Atlanta Georgia 30307, phone number 404-589-0152, website , services start at 10:45am every Sunday and bible study is held at 7pm every Wednesday evenings.