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Outrage pours in at 30 second video of fish smoking cigarette

Just when you think animal cruelty can't get any worse, something even more disturbing appears on a YouTube video, with the perpetrators of the cruelty laughing at the misery of a defenseless little creature reported the

This 30 second video has garnered severe criticism for its cruelty.
Screengrab from LiveLeak

A 30 second video recently appeared on LiveLeak and YouTube which shows a tropical fish, not native to British waters, posed upright on a wooden plank. Someone shoved a lit cigarette in the fish's mouth, and for 30 seconds, it's all laughs and giggles from at least two men heard in the background pointing at the fish. Of course, it's hard to tell if the look on the fish's face is one of terror, but really, don't idiots have something else to do with their lives other than torture a completely helpless little fish?

The cigarette finally falls out of the fish's mouth, and thankfully the video ends.

The Mirror conducted a poll at the end of their report asking readers if they thought it was cruel to make a fish smoke a cigarette. Thank goodness the world is still full of compassionate people; 79% said yes and only 21% said no.

Here are some of the comments from viewers:

"Personally I think it's disgusting how the men laughed at this defenseless animal."

Another viewer stated:

"Kind of have to be a pretty soul-less person to laugh at the misery of a defenseless animal. Little things like this are everything that's wrong in this world."

And still another comment that was similar to so many others:

"It seemed cruel. And shouldn't the fish be in the water, not smoking a cigarette? It's scared. The poor thing must have felt terrible, and animal cruelty is not funny."

What do you think?

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