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Outrage and emotional responses of the revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto

The long sought after identity of the genius who created the Bitcoin algorithm to create a peer-to-peer currency was identified today in a Newsweek expose.

The real person with the born identity of Satoshi Nakamoto had legally made changes to his name years ago. He was still tracked due to his passion for model trains so that the Newsweek reporter could begin an email correspondence with him on his passion. When she quizzed him on his Bitcoin contribution he immediately stopped all email correspondence.

The reporter continued and was able to speak with Gavin Andresen, the science advisor of the Bitcoin foundation. It was he who released positive information that he worked on code for the Bitcoin program via email with Satoshi Nakamoto. The relationship began on the bitcointalk forum, the place where geeks communicate.

The problem that has arisen today is the privacy issue. Gavin Andresen has regretted sharing information with the Newsweek reporter. ‘I'm disappointed Newsweek decided to dox the Nakamoto family,’ he wrote on Twitter, using the Internet jargon "dox" to refer to revealing identifying details on someone.

Business Insider today went on to trace the trail of Nakamoto’s naturalization and change of his name from the work that Newsweek posted. It further enhances the details of Satoshi Nakamoto. His private life has taken a turn today.

After the release today of the Newsweek print article, Gavin Andresen released an open letter on Reddit expressing his deep regret that he gave information to the Newsweek reporter. Andresen wrote in the open letter, ‘Anyway, I hope some good comes of all this; I hope it stimulates more debate on personal privacy and the role of journalists in our ‘pan-opticon’ world.’

Andresen did explain to the Newsweek reporter in their discussions that 70% of the code has been rewritten to clean it up.

Andy Greenberg of Forbes digital contributed today that the release of the Newsweek article gave us a view as to why Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin code in the first place. His daughter speaks of him as a Libertarian who believes government does too much infringement upon people. His eldest daughter gave a comment to the Newsweek reporter on her years with him in the 1990’s when they lost a home to the bank due to late mortgage. His issue with the banks is apparent in his motivation to create a crypto-currency outside a centralized and regulated banking system.

Michael Goldstein, creator of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute finds the article on Newsweek upsetting as it shows the home and location of Satoshi Nakamoto. He further added that he is an anarcho- capitalist.

‘It's less mythological this way,’ Goldstein says. ‘I've always wanted to know about Satoshi only because it tells us about Bitcoin itself . . . when the person is known, it makes it more difficult to explain why it doesn't matter who the person is.’

Satoshi Nakamoto came out onto his driveway to say one thing to the reporter who writes in her article today, 'I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it,' he says, dismissing all further queries with a swat of his left hand. 'It's been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.'

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