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Outlaws, Best Burger in L.A.

In a place where you’d expect to find sawdust on the floor and plaid on the tables, there rests an expansive beer list, friendly service and arguably the best burgers in Los Angeles. Situated in Playa Del Rey, Outlaws looks as if it can’t decide whether or not it is a simple dive bar, tourist stop or family-friendly eatery. Sitting at the bar is a bit tight, but turn the corner once you're inside and you'll find two huge rooms and lots of space to check out the game.

In the smattering of bars sitting near the Ballona creek border, Outlaws is a Western-themed bar with cowboy art across the walls and menu prices in bits and bucks. A line of empty beer bottles runs near the ceiling, showing off the stock of their massive beer cooler, along with pictures of those that attempted the feat of solo-downing their 4-lb. Desperado Gang burger.

As far as sports go, there are only a few televisions in the place, but very few places you can sit where you can’t see one. The servers are friendly, and your best bet is to dodge the locals sitting at the actual short bar. Grab a table and both menus, beer and food, and you’re good to go.

Not only will this give you a bit more room to stretch, but it will give you a chance to sample the true shining sheriff’s star of Outlaws, their burgers. Ranging from a decent vegetarian patty to the multi-meat slathered sausage and bacon burger, the cooked-to-order burgers are filling and rival any other in L.A. county.

It may not be the best place as far as the television count goes, but if you like an above-par burger, cold beer and friendly waitresses, then Outlaws is a “sure as shootin” must-visit near the coast.

230 Culver Blvd.
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293