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Outlawing Christianity

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The tide of tolerance is turning against those that profess Christian faith and the very standards that are represented by those that declare their loyalty to the cross of Jesus Christ.

The American military has been using the Southern Poverty Law Center as its promotional piece for subject material in its training talking points. The SPLC is against those that have Christian standards and has labeled conservative Christian groups in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi hate groups.

The SPLC has a reach in many school districts and the anti-Christian philosophy is being nurtured in educational programs.

In spite of protection of the First Amendment, educational intellectuals routinely censor or discourage students from exercising their religious rights as the American Center of Law and Justice continues to receive cases where Bibles, prayer, or request for Christian clubs on campuses are treated far differently than the requests of other philosophies.

A favorite subject to throw out at Christians in order to create controversy is to solicit opinions regarding the Bible sin of homosexuality. Anyone with common knowledge knows that the Bible clearly classifies a variety of sexual sins with homosexuality being one of them. Should one answer the question based on the standard the Bible clearly instructs, the person saying homosexuality is a sin becomes subject to disciplinary action, sanctions, or as Phil Robertson of the popular show “Duck Dynasty” found out, one can lose their job for merely stating something the Bible declares.

It is a double edge sword as the question the Pharisees put to Jesus to ask if it was legal to pay taxes to the Romans. Either way Jesus answered would draw ire from one side or the other. Posing the question about whether homosexuality is a sin is a tar baby question designed to intimidate and discredit.

The battle lines have already been drawn as attacks against the very standards of Christianity have increased dramatically. The culture war has escalated the war with attacks that can be waged against Christians not thinking correctly or deviating from those that embrace homosexuality and expect everyone else to agree with it.

There have been bad examples as a bakery refusing to provide service to a gay couple, however firing somebody not cow towing to the company line is just as unacceptable. The same can be true by not providing equal protection or access in the areas of insurance, tax breaks, or job opportunities. However there is a difference between equal rights and superior rights.

In this age of tolerance and inclusiveness Christian values are taking a back seat even in the arena of interfaith gatherings. There have been pastors, ministers, and evangelists instructed to not pray in Jesus’ Name. Imagine what would happen if the same request was given to a Muslim cleric to not mention Mohammed.

The squeeze is being put to Christian organizations as although these are private institutions, challenges are being done to force compliance to more radical or liberal standards. The biggest test is the threat created by Obamacare which forces the conservative values to be changed to accommodate a more worldly prospective.

It is an affront to the faith many Christians are dedicated. Not only does it endorse a more promiscuous lifestyle, but the sanctity of life is also soiled by requiring abortions to take place, an act many practicing Christians find abhorrent.

The United States Supreme Court has two cases under litigation that will set the course for further erosion to the First Amendment should the highest court in the land render a decision that will not only decimate the religious clause that forbids government interference with religion, but also breeches the wall of separation between church and state.

It is not out of the realm of possibility for Christianity to have an illegal status declared due to the direct challenges that conflict with governmental authority. There are Christian standards that are opposed to the edicts that are being passed that could mean standards could be ruled as hate speech in several areas.

Outlawing the practice of certain portions of Christianity which conflicts with these liberal opinions can happen.



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