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Outlaw bikers, Cowboys and Indians at a wedding

A truly blended family with blessings for the Wedding Couple, Cassy and Blu. Rev. Snoopy tied the knot for the couple.
A truly blended family with blessings for the Wedding Couple, Cassy and Blu. Rev. Snoopy tied the knot for the couple.

One thing about riding motorcycles, it always seems to be more fun riding with a group, so each group usually hangs a tag on their jacket or vest to identify what kind of riding group they are.

There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you school yourself in ‘patched-out-club’ etiquette. So get on the internet and educate yourself in club etiquette before you and your group decide to spend money on shiny new club colors (patches).

There are Groups like:

  • Mom and pop riding groups
  • Church riding groups
  • Groups that from at work for weekend rides
  • Groups of Firemen
  • Cop clubs
  • Military Clubs
  • Women Riding Clubs
  • Saturday morning breakfast groups
  • Ethnic groups
  • Outlaw clubs and many more - - It just comes down to ‘Whatever blows your hair back.’

Usually when you ride, you’ll end up meeting someone that has more in common with you than just riding. But sometimes, having a motorcycle is all you need to be pulled into a group of like passion.

My husband came from a hardcore outlaw background – I came from a staunch Church group. He schooled himself in my ‘churchey’ background and I learned allot about his, so now that he’s an Ordained Minister, people that are ‘un-churched’ (the ones that used to get a Justice of Peace to tie-the-knot) will now reach out to Rev. Snoopy and we have so much fun meeting many wonderful people and their families.

This last July 4th, Rev. Snoopy and I enjoyed one of the most interesting and unique weddings we’ve ever gotten to be a part of.

The bride and groom were ex-military. The groom served in the Army and his bride served two tours in Iraq as a Marine. I don’t imagine this couple will have much trouble taking any dispute to a quick resolve.

The wedding was held in a ‘Cathedral of Trees’ that canvassed over some rolling, shady acres. The area designated for seating was strewn with bales of hay. Each bale displayed beautiful American Indian Blankets that came from the Groom’s heritage and sufficed as church pews.

A Biker had putted in on his scoot and another one brought his lady in his pickup.

I looked at the loveliness of this outdoor place of worship and took in the blending of ethnicities and lifestyles. As everyone took their places on the beautiful pews, I thought of the ex-outlaw biker (Rev. Snoopy): the chosen Minister, to speak God’s Word and Blessings over the Bride and Groom and extended families.

I couldn’t keep from getting ‘misty-eyed’ as I realized all the hell this couple had seen in serving their country and broken lives the Minister had lived with since birth. The contrast of all the smiling and peaceful faces was almost overwhelming.

Blessings of God be on Cassy & Blu!

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