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Outfitting a Greyhound for necessity and whimsy

Form-fitted fleece with straps for custom fit.
Form-fitted fleece with straps for custom fit.
Linda Weber

Greyhounds are unique dogs in that they have a short primary or guardcoat and do not have an undercoat. Although this makes them one of the least shedding dogs, it also makes them susceptible to extremes in weather.

One of the great outcomes is that you can make your ex-racing Greyhound the most stylish dog on the block!

There are several options to ensure that your ex-racing Greyhound is protected from the climate.

Coats can include a water-proof cover with a softer inside that warms and protects the Greyhound. Many coats come with detachable hoods or “snoods” to keep the neck and ears warm. Some of the coats lie more on the top of the Greyhound while some wrap around the stomach for a more secure fit and to warm the tummy.

Fabrics include a sturdy canvas for taking a walk in the snow to warm fleece for just a touch of warmth.

It is important not only to address the cold, but also extreme heat. An insulated chill coat that soaks in cool water and secured around the dog can protect them from hotter weather.

Another must-have accessory is booties to complete the ensemble and to ensure protected paws. Cold weather or hot pavement can damage or injure the pads on the bottom of the paw.

There are many companies and individuals that address the specific needs of Greyhounds for the weather and you no longer need to sacrifice fashion for utility.

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