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Outdoors and the Wax leaf shrub

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The Wax Leaf shrub are formal in appearance that can enhance the landscape visually to any given area.

The characteristic of this shrub help to make it stand out on it own. The can grow large in width and height. Their leaves are light green with a slight sheen of glossiness to the leaves.

They grow well in El Paso, TX desert and can be grown into the ground or into a planter.

In all circumstances, they establish themselves well in the climate given in El Paso, TX considering the temperatures of both seasons winter and summer. They are a evergreen shrub, with semi sturdy leaves to touch. The leaves are smooth and round. In the spring, they give way to many white blossom that do attract the bee's and also allowing a fragrant to be scented into the air. After the flowering, they then will produce small dark berry like fruit. (Not to be eaten). The Wax-Leaf shrub are not new to the plant life. However, they do perform well giving a good blend when coupled with other plant life. They are not drought tolerant and do require regular watering, especially the one's planted in a pot. The planter pot tends to lose the water faster, whereas, it is not planted in the ground. The planter pot hinders the roots from going down lower to discover water needed. The Wax Leaf shrub also can be detailed to grow into a tree, many as well grow them into topiary. They have been seen to do even better when given a shelter area from not to much wind and semi-shade. In addition, to be close to a structure such as a wall or column.

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They are familiar in El Paso, TX stores where they may be found for purchase and adding into the landscape.