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Outdoors and loving it!

As the weather has been freezing all across the country, one place that people must be flooding towards is right here in South Florida. The place that we call home. The place where many of us chose to live. Now although I do not miss the cold of our Northern states, I do notice that I don't take as much advantage of enjoying the weather during these months as I used to. So I have decided to make it a priority to do outdoor activities and create good quality time. As busy of a schedule that we all have, I have a few suggestions to share:

- Join a recreational sports class: For a few dollars a class and usually about an hour long per week, you can meet new people and enjoy outdoor exercise at the same time. Local classes for golf at public ranges, tennis and basketball are affordable and fun.

- Local park events: Check out your local city paper or website and find weekly activities that are fun for the whole family and great on the pocket. There are free concerts, food truck events, movies in the park (one of my favorites), pet activities, etc. that let us all find something that would interest us.

- Outdoor dining: Grab your picnic basket with your favorite food and drive, cycle or walk to your closest beach, park or lake. Give fast dining and the drive thru a new meaning. Let it be one that consists of a nice healthy meal to be eaten on a blanket where this nice cool weather is our natural AC.

- Walk, skip and a jump: Anytime of the day is a great time to stretch those legs and take a ten minute power walk to rejuvenate your mind and get the circulation going.

Looking forward to seeing more people out there and enjoying the life we choose to have in South Florida!

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