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Outdoor Weather Safety

Get ready for the outdoor
Get ready for the outdoor
Photo by Mark Metcalfe

As the weather breaks more people will engage in outdoor activities. These activities can involve fitness training or labor performed outside. Despite your activity level during the winter you may not be ready for activities outside. The important thing is to pace yourself. The warm weather will make your first days outside invigorating which could lead you to over do it. Also the sun will dehydrate you quickly and could cause sun damage. Make sure to put on sun tan lotion but also try to wait to shower for an hour or so after being in the sun. This time will allow for your body to absorb the Vitamin D that was produced.

Drinking plenty of water is also very important. A good rule of thumb is to drink water often and before thirst sets in. If your urine is clear then you are most likely hydrated unless you are consuming large amounts of alcohol or caffeine. Dehydration is not the only thing that leads to cramps. Many craps especially if they occur only on one side of the body can be attributed to muscle trigger points. Muscle trigger points occur from accumulated trauma and are typically known as knots. When unaddressed they can cause muscle spasms or cramps when overworked. These can be prevented with soft tissue work like foam rolling. Calves are very susceptible to these types of spasm. Some simple prevention can save you injury down the road.