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Outdoor-indoor adventure

Two kids enjoying the fish.
Two kids enjoying the fish.
Signe Freed

Experiencing the great outdoors during winter usually involves several layers of clothing and lots of heat packs. This is not so at Bass Pro Outdoor World, located at 18001 Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO 64055. With several wild life exhibits and food options the store can easily take the doldrums out of a lack luster winter afternoon. Take time to stroll the perimeter of the store on both levels and be sure to stop at the large fish tank. The fish tank houses fish native to the region. The fish and  wildlife exhibits scattered through out Bass Pro makes it feel more like a natural history museum, rather than a mega store. The store's hours can be found on its website.

There are two spots for food at Bass Pro. The Islamorado Fish Company and The Fudge Shop.  The Islamorado Fish Company is located on the bottom level of the shopping center. The restaurant is both a feast for the eyes and the stomach. It's menu includes a wide variety of surf and turf options. Visitors can choose to sit near the 13,000 gallon salt water aquarium, the 12 foot fire place, or on the deck, which overlooks an 18 acre lake. The restaurant opens at 11:00 am daily and the menu options can be viewed on the store's website.

If you only have time for a quick bite, there is the Fudge Shop on the top level that offers fudge and other treats. There are several game tables and over stuffed chairs to rest in. Many of the seating options are in front of large windows which provide a great view of the surrounding area.

The Bass Pro Shop offers several free and low cost workshops and tours for all ages. The list of workshops and tours can be found on the website. Bass Pro is a fun place to indulge in a hobby or discover a new interest.