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Outdoor Enthusiasts Travel with Apera's Performance Duffel or Sling Tote

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Apera Bags

Adventure travelers looking to carryon their gear without looking like a gym rat should look at the latest cutting edge and high performance bags from Apera Bags.

Unlike traditional sports bags used primarily for transporting athletic gear, these bags are comprised of a groundbreaking antimicrobial protective shield that resists the formation and attachment of bacteria and odor on both the inside, and outside of the entire bag. Also, these bags' interiors work very well for travelers and anyone carrying food, liquids, and other items that can make a mess when being transported. Thanks to their ventilated compartments, wipeable linings and washable inserts, it's quite easy to keep the bag odor-free and clean.

Apera's Performance Duffel is deal for those bring along all their workout apparel. This bag contains separated compartments to store two pairs of shoes, so one's muddy cleats or sweaty sneakers are kept clear from one's other gear. Choose their Sling Tote if one wants a more compact and stylish shoulder bag designed to take to a yoga class where one needs to keep one's workout gear separate but don't need to transport one's full workout gear.

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