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Outdoor Enrichment for Indoor Cats

Outdoor cats are at risk for injury, disease, and death. They also can harm local wildlife populations.  As our song bird populations are currently nesting and feeding in almost everyone's yard, we do not want to be putting the birds at risk.

But indoor cats do not get nearly as much enrichment in their lives unless we help provide it.    There are many quick, easy, and cheap ways to do this.

  1. Get a window perch.  Position a couch by a window, buy a product that hooks to a window sill, or place a cat tree at this location.

  2. Place a bird feeder outside the window at this location.  Some cats like this, but some get too agitated.

  3. Use food dispensing toys. There are many toys that dispense kibble for dogs and fewer for cats.  Premier Pet Products make a few for cats, though my cats enjoy the dog toys too.

  4. Provide a variety of resting locations.  Have places high up and in the sun. Have boxes or tables with coverings for places to hide underneath.   Give your cat access to sun.

  5. Play with your cat.  There are many toys, books, and websites with information on cat toys and how to get your cat to play. 

  6. Provide different smells.  Bring home boxes that smell like various stores. Provide various food/spice sents on cat toys or in little boxes around the house.  Changes in the environment for your cat will provide enrichment.

  7. Grow some "cat grass" or catnip. There are growing kits available at many stores.


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