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Outdoor Bar series: Greenwood Park a Brooklyn patio bar deluxe

Bocce, Beer, Patio, music, all that is missing is you
Bocce, Beer, Patio, music, all that is missing is you
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Yes, Yes people the weather is finally enjoyable enough for something other than penguins so its time to start up a weekly series on outdoor bars.

The first location in this series is the very popular, Greenwood Park (555 7th Avenue, between 19th and 20th streets; Brooklyn, NY 11215) a beer garden/ adult patio hangout spot nearby Greenwood Cemetery in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Graced with thousands of square feet of space, (13,000 inside and out) it literally has open space and several picnic tables as you arrive at the front entrance. Spring is one of the best times to visit because it has garage doors that open up in moderate weather. It helps that the space was a former auto garage and it still has the vibe of an auto garage slightly redesigned as a bar with a patio. There is beauty is simplicity, and Greenwood just has a very calming but not languid vibe.

There is always additional entertainment here to as there are 3 bocce or petanque courts to play on and a league actually comes to play on select days a week. Wednesdays is a burger and 160z Radenburger beer for $10, and Thursdays is bring your own vinyl night. During the week there is a big afterwork crowd who come here for the $2 off select draft beers, wine and cocktails from noon till 7pm Monday through Friday. Hell you even mix with the people who bring their babies to not miss out on the fun, don't fret though they stick to the kid table.

So there you have it short and sweet, a interesting beer garden patio bar that always has events and livelyness, yet at the end of the day its just a civil backyard party for Park Slope Brooklyn. You should check it out.