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Outdoor Ad companies reject the message "Where's the Birth Certificate"


             Grassroots ad campaign

CBS, Lamar Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor all have rejected requests to post the message “Where’s the Birth Certificate” on their billboards.  

And now, ABC has refused to air paid ads during its upcoming White House health care presentation, including a paid-for alternative viewpoint.  This comes one day after ABC declined to feature the views of a representative of the Republican Party during the Obama special.

These examples prove that media outlets have the right and ability to not accept any advertising that they choose and are not required to offer any explanation for their decision to anyone.

That being the case, the Denver Post editorial and business departments have refused to answer inquires as to why they elected to run a full page ad, from a business trade group, which featured the leading democrat for governor in 2010, Gov. Bill Ritter.  This ad promoted Ritter, after he’d announced his candidacy for re-election and after polls showed his support, from the Colorado business community, deteriorating after repeatedly shilling for Union radicals and Labor organizers.

This ad was obviously political in nature and a clear attempt to “end run” current campaign finance laws, in spirit - if not in fact. Despite editorializing against such practices, the Post has ignored all questions about this matter.

Another example of the Denver Post’s liberal bias; they ran an editorial by Paul Krugman in last Sunday’s Business Section. And while Krugman has established economic credentials (whether you respect his knowledge and theories – or not), which would explain running him in Business as opposed to being in the Opinion Section, this particular column had nothing to do with economics whatsoever. Zero, zip, nada!  It was just another of his vicious, unsubstantiated, partisan screeds against Republicans and Conservative Talk Radio for “promoting” the assassination of Dr. Tiller “Tiller the Baby Killer.”

The Post’s decision, to trade on Krugman’s (alleged) business imprimatur, even though his column was strictly political hate-speech, clearly shows (again) an intention to politically manipulate their (diminishing) readership.


  • Namrehs 5 years ago

    Oh well, their loss. Give the opportunity of truth and good business to another company who will more than willingly post the truth about this question. Shame on this country for allowing this to happen in the first place :(

  • generalismo frankie 5 years ago

    who the heck would read the denver post anyway?

    hey, i've got some real news for everyone.
    find articles that are worth reading on the internet, and don't read, or pay for, crap that near bankrupt newspapers are selling.

    generalismo out

  • Howard Flomberg 5 years ago

    Hey - Our North Korean friends are aiming their next bottle rocket (missile) at Hawaii on July 4th or so. Do we have our apology ready yet?