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Outcomes speak louder than Obama words

First Lady and President Obama
First Lady and President Obama

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a change in speaker tonight as the President is feeling out of sorts. Michelle Obama will be delivering the State of the Union message. Hoorah. Just kidding.

It isn’t all that bad, but the prospects aren’t improving much either. Tonight, Obama will continue his appeal for income equality while chastising wealthy persons for stinginess and capitalists for failing to generate sufficient opportunity.

He will describe his initiatives to spur capitalist investment, such as broadening the definition for R&D tax breaks that corporations will like because they will realize a windfall without doing much differently.

He will announce his executive order to increase the minimum wage. Presidents can do that, and he has issued fewer executive orders than Bush or Clinton.

Republicans will argue that the increase in the minimum wage will hurt small businesses and result in layoffs or reduced hiring. Democrats will point to an improved economy, which is likely to happen, although marginally.

For the shrinking Obama base, his speech will offer a familiar brand of hope. For most, it will be a familiar brand of blather.

The only thing that he can do to fire up America is to address sustainable economics in practical terms. That won’t help the midterm elections much, so he won’t bother.

Will he dare mention that Obamacare has met its projected target?

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