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Outbreak of Hay Fever at the Baltimore Soundstage

Only one day following the sad loss of Greg Ham from the iconic band, Men At Work, frontman Colin Hay is relentlessly hard at work at the Baltimore Soundstage. Through spontaneous banter, wickedly witty storytelling and mused songplay, Colin draws his crowd into his own memories. It seems he's logged every moment that passed to be retold at some point. He is humorous, sentimental and a master musician. His stories, songs and performance show how much he loves his people. Just that he spent the evening with a grouping of fans despite his grief. While he was open about how difficult this was for him, he overtook the venue for an emotionally charged evening. He seemingly shared the stage in spirit with his old friend rocking hard as ever for a performance of "Be Good Johnny", a song he wrote with Ham. He set the stage aflame somehow and that ball of light there behind the silhouette of a raging fan is why we are suffering from Hay Fever in Baltimore. Thank you again, Mr. Colin Hay! This marks the 3oth Anniversary of Men At Work's first Album, "Business As Usual". Please be sure to check out Colin Hay on Facebook: and check out his tour dates: .

Hay Fever at the Baltimore Soundstage
Angela Mancinelli
Hay Fever at Baltimore Soundstage
Angela Mancinelli