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Outbreak conference draws over 1000

2011: the year of Outbreak evangelism?
2011: the year of Outbreak evangelism?
Year of

Yesterday over 1000 Christians descended upon Colorado Christian University.

Although not on par with Promise Keepers numerically, it was significant nonetheless.

The conference, dubbed Outbreak, ran from 8:30am until 4pm. It was held at the gymnasium. The audience listened to three main speakers: Greg Stier, Mark Mittelberg and the nationally acclaimed Lee Strobel. The theme was evangelism, but specifically evangelism through a six-step process intended to help energize the churches to witness the Gospel to a dying world.

The theme "outbreak" is from Greg Stier's book by the same name. Using the imagery of a virus spreading ("going viral with the Gospel"), Greg highlighted the need for prayer and transformation (via Acts 4:31). He especially emphasized prayer as the foundation for spreading the Gospel in a "contagious" manner.

By the same token, the second speaker, Mark Mittelberg, continued this theme through his similarly titled book, Becoming a Contagious Christian. It is from this book that the six-steps are expounded. The conference did not have the depth of the book but whetted the appetite of the audience.

Mark's talk introduced the first five steps. The sixth and final step was explained by Lee Strobel in the afternoon talk.

A few promotional talks were peppered into the conference as well as some worship and prayer time.

In accordance with the school's wish to spread the power of this six-step process, they have named 2011 the Year of Evangelism. In good Christian fashion the conference was free, the lunch was free and the fellowship was extensive.

(An eyewitness account with commentary will be forthcoming.)

You can subscribe to these articles at the top of the page. Shawn is the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in Denver.


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