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Out with Tradition and in with Trends

Now more than ever, wedding traditions are taking a backseat to trendsetters. Remember the tradition of dressing your bridesmaids in the same dress, regardless of the fact that your girlfriends do not come in the same size or that any girl wishes to be dressed the same. The contemporary brides today love the new trend that says let your bridesmaids agree perhaps on one color, but pick out the style of their dress.

Another tradition that is being replaced is the “one fits all bachelorette party.” Today the party is tailored to fit the personality and wishes of the bride to be and also takes suggestions from all involved what is the best place that can accommodate everyone’s tastes, and budget.

An interesting tradition that is on its last leg is group wedding photography in the form of formals. Being a wedding photographer I can tell you that it is the most challenging part of the day is to attempt to get everyone together in one place, while respecting the dynamics of the family. The trend replacing this is replacing traditional formals with fun poses like putting everyone in a heart and shooting from above.

A tiered wedding cake is being replaced with tiered cupcakes, themed wedding cakes, cheese wedding cakes, and pretty much anything goes these days as far as the wedding cake.

It is no longer necessary to match the groomsmen’s ties with their buttonholes. Nowadays the traditional rose is out, contrast is in with colored flowers, peacock feathers with flowers, even broaches in the shape of starfish, or seashells.

The traditional veil is now being replaced with feathers, birdcage veil, or even a jeweled hairpiece.

The main point to remember is; while you are attempting to please your parents, grandma, and your in-laws, at the end of the day the memories made must be yours! Seize the moment and live in it, and make every dream you imagined since you were a little girl about your special day all about you and your husband beginning your happily ever after.

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