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Out-of-the-box ways to write a book

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All roads may lead to Rome, but did you know that there are multiple paths to writing a book? Long Beach author, Walt Grassl, spoke at the Entrepreneurial Authors' Club Tuesday evening and shared some out-of-the-box ways he's used to write a book.

Speak to write
Grassl joined Toastmasters to help him improve his communication skills, little did he know he'd get a book out it. Each speech he gave became a chapter in his book.

Creating a speech requires thought and organization. And, when you give a speech at a Toastmasters meeting, you get feedback. Therefore giving speeches is a great way to test out your book idea and develop it before committing it to print.

Write to write
Many books these days started out as a series of blog posts. Grassl shared that many of the articles he's written to promote his book, Stand Up & Speak Up, have inspired him to write another book.

57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online by Carma Spence started off as posts on a blog. The posts were updated, edited and re-tooled for the format of the 57 Secrets series, thus creating a well-received book in a short amount of time.

If you are creating content in any format … speech, article, teleseminar, video … you have a the beginnings of a book. And, if you start with a book, you also have the beginnings of a variety of other content-rich products, services and more.

Entrepreneurial authors understand the importance of re-purposing their content. How can you re-use your content in new, interesting and innovative ways to better serve your target market?

Are you an entrepreneurial author? Do you want to be? Are you ready to build your business and platform so that it expresses your creativity, conveys your worth and message authentically and is profitable? Visit to learn more.

If you're interested in learning more about Entrepreneurial Authors' Club, a Toastmasters club dedicated to writers and authors, both nascent and established, visit

NOTE: Are you a writer, author or editor connected to Long Beach in some way? Please contact me ... and you can be a part of my series of profiles of local writers!


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