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Out-of-home advertising-based TV reality program shows signs of progress

New reality show based on outdoor advertising announced
New reality show based on outdoor advertising announced
Courtesy of TMR Multimedia

A communications company on Monday announced that it has created a reality TV show based on Out of Home Advertising (OOH) that has all the signs of success and that combines both commercial and public service interests. The announcement at a press conference at a West Palm Beach hotel comes on the heels of tighter government oversight of billboard placement and of OOH ads in general.

“We’re moving ahead with the development of a major reality show that will showcase OOH and alternative media by using them as the focal point of the show,” said Jay Schorr, president of Hollywood, Florida-based TMR Multimedia, the communications company producing the show. “Contestants will rely on OOH touchpoints for clues in the wildest treasure hunt ever devised.”

Schorr says the show will not only realize bottom-line profits from advertising revenue, but also will prominently feature non-profits as part of the OOH touchpoint clues so as to promote worthy causes.

“We work closely with outdoor companies in the placement of important public service advertising (PSA) campaigns and are always looking for new, innovative ways to spread important messages that affect millions of people,” said Schorr. “This show is an excellent vehicle for that purpose.”

OOH has come a long way from its beginnings as simple static billboards to a new digital age featuring high-resolution graphics, video and real-time internet updating. Today’s OOH offers exciting, vibrant and targeted media spanning multiple outlets including billboards, posters, transit, airports, malls, stadiums and interactive ads.

“An OOH-based reality show is a unique idea that offers viewers, advertisers and television networks a truly multi-platform program where everybody wins,” said David Leone, a Chicago-based media analyst. “The public service advertising component is a nice touch so that the benefits are spread all around.”

Schor says support from outdoor companies for the project and for PSAs in general has been outstanding.

“The out of home advertising companies have been very generous in donating space for PSAs and in helping get important PSA messages out to millions of Americans,” Schorr said. “I’m glad this show will help get their message out about what an effective and cost-efficient advertising vehicle OOH is in all its forms.”

The show is being shopped to both broadcast and cable networks, and TMR is hoping to have a deal finalized shortly.

“It’s always gratifying to be able to do something that is both beneficial for society regarding PSAs as well as profitable for our clients,” Schorr said.

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