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Out Boulder's First Dance Party Rocked

The Alphabet Club
The Alphabet Club

Everyone knows that Boulder doesn't have an official gay/lesbian bar that the local community can matriculate at, although from most of the bars I have ventured to in Boulder thus bar, the crowd is always mixed and almost no one has an issue with gay people in general doing the same thing they are; talking and having a good time. In today's overly splattered popular culture and constant debates regarding equal rights, it's outstanding that individuals are brave enough to commit to such a semi risky event.

After working in the beautiful city for almost 3 months now, I've come to the conclusion that Boulder is a mini LA if you will - attractive, liberal and a thriving entertainment industry with several musicians and artists floating around. It was only a matter of time before Boulder gay and lesbians decided to create a weekly event that hosts a dance party for an entire night of music, cocktails and mingling with fellow companions.

Launch Party: The Alphabet Club was packed right at the start time of 9 PM last night. The first official event was held at The Absinthe House, a mega sized, 2 floor bar, which also hosts ladies night (with their gays) on Thursday nights. The DJ was awesome, the people were socializing and even straight people who didn't even know it was a 'gay' event were having a great time. It was refreshing to see such a great turnout for a positive group of people trying to create somewhat of a gay presence in Boulder. Denver is one of the most accepting cities in the United States, so it shouldn't be a surprise that their neighbors up north want to spread a little love.

So congratulations to 'The Alphabet Club' for hosting such a unique, exciting and memorable evening that I'm sure will continue to please each and every Tuesday this summer. Will you be there next Tuesday?