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Out and about with your DBF



How many times have you wished that you didn't have to close the door on the sad puppy dog eyes following you to the front door?

Well times, they are a-changing - in a positive way!

There are more and more opportunities to take your four-legged family with you wherever you go - shopping, eating, visiting, or sleeping. Your dog can help you pick out appliances at Lowe's, books at Half Price Books, or furniture or bed linens at Pottery Barn, then join you for lunch on the patio of your favorite restaurant. You can even meet your friends and his at Lee Harvey's, where play time is cool!  Max can take a trip with you down to Austin, take a stroll up 6th Avenue, and then go to one of many hotels to get that well-deserved rest at the end of a long day – his pampering will include his own bed, food dish, and special treats.

If you are a philanthropist, you and your dog can contribute to the environment, raise money for other dogs in need, or help fund a cure for cancer. Exercise doesn’t have to be the same old boring routine either – soak up the atmosphere in the Bishop Arts District (don’t forget to shop!), shop for produce at the Farmers Market, and then ride the McKinney Ave Trolley to get dessert at Breadwinners.

There are many ways to get out of the house and enjoy your dog’s company while you are checking things off your To Do list – once you start, don’t be surprised if you become even more addicted to his company!

Not that that’s a bad thing . . . . .

Check it out!

(I’ll have more cool places and things to do with your dog in future articles – please feel free to email me for more information! Note: always call ahead to a new place to make sure that dogs are still welcome before you go.)


  • Yvonne 5 years ago

    Don't forget about - a great place to hear about places and events where your dog is welcome. :)

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