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Our view of pleasure and animal cruelty: Part 2


In Part 1, we examined animal shelters in Worcester and how a Christian must view cruelty to animals.

The Bible says God made man responsible for the earth and its creatures. There is a sense in which man must look for the well-being of all animals. It is not because we owe animals an equal position, as evolutionists would have us think.

It is not because we have better brains (true as it may be). It is rather because we are accountable to God - for what we do with these animals before God.

On a moral front then, the Puritans were right – for humans made in God’s image, to take pleasure at the sin of cruelty to animals, is a greater danger.

This is because such actions show-case the rebellion against God, which they will find to their eternal pain. In the grand scheme of things, the animal’s suffering is terrible, but compares little to the consequences that humans will heap upon their own heads for their offense against their creator God.

So, what about animals in Worcester? Take care of them – but remember that their pain is but temporary. We have a greater privilege, a greater mandate and a greater responsibility for which we are accountable not to the SPCA, but to God himself.

Out of our hearts flow acts of love or acts of cruelty, whether to fellow-humans or to even the tiny animals in our midst. And ultimately to God himself.


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