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Our updated list of family movies

You read my list of family favorites last year, if not you can find them under my articles, and it's that time of year again. We spend a lot of time together watching family movies and to be honest with you I like them as much as my six year old does. Here is our list of current favorites and must see family movies.

10. Hotel Transylvania

* A very cute movie with the voices of some of our adult favorites like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Selena Gomez, Kevin Spade and Andy Samberg.

9. Brave

8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

*This one my daughter likes, me not so much. Cute and entertaining for her.

7. Free Birds

6. Monster's University

* I must admit this one I find very good!


*Also, another of my favorites.


3.Despicable Me 2

*Loved it!

2.The Smurfs 2

1. Of course, FROZEN!

*It's worth all the hype!

Make a weekly family movie night! It's two hours, one day a week and the children will cherish it more than you will ever know.

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