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Our Sun, unique amazing, blazing star of our solar system


The warmth that you feel on your skin on a sunny day originated in one of the most extreme environments in the entire universe, the nuclear cauldron that lies at the heart of a star. The unique amazing, blazing, star in question is the Sun, the heavenly body that supplies heat and light to a small planet we call Earth

Our sun-star is greatly deceived by our limited eye vision without the aid of telescopes and satellite photos. The sun that is 92,870,000 miles distance from Earth effectually conceals and disguises both its stupendous size and true nature. For its real measured diameter is 866,000 miles in which 109 earths could fit in its diameter. Its surface area is two trillion square miles, or 12,000 times the surface of the Earth.

Our sun (the greater light : Genesis1:16) has been giving off solar flares for centuries upon centuries. With the technology we have today, we are able to detect them as they are happening. Sunspots that appear on the sun where detected by the Chinese. In Chinese records, they had observed sunspots with the unaided eye as early as the year 301 A.D., thirteen centuries before the application of the telescope to their study. Galileo was the first to observe them with his telescope in October 1610.

Solar eclipses are an astronomical event that many ancient cultures believed that they were omens. Yet, prior to 2250 B,C,, we have not one record of a solar eclipse ever having been seen by people! This is very important item of evidence establishing a young age for the earth. "The earliest Chinese date which can be assigned with any probability is 2250 B.C., based on an astronomical reference in the Book of History" (Ralph Linten, "The Tree of Culture" (1955), p.520).

Because of the amazing gigantic blazing globe that gives us heat and light, many tribes and nations of early peoples, erroneously caused it to be deified and worshiped as their supreme god. "From time immemorial the Sun has been worshiped as the ruler of the sky, as the source of light and heat, as the originator and preserver of life, the symbol of ultimate and immaculate parity. Science which has shattered so many idols of the past, has not only left the Sun unmolested, but has even exalted the significance" (Dr. Lupten, "Pageant of the Stars").

According to Scripture the sun is 4 days younger than Earth. It is the center of our solar system but not the center of the universe. That is reserved to our planet Earth which was first created, "In the beginning" (Genesis 1:1), by our Lord, Creator, and Saviour : Jesus Christ.