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Our shadow side and understanding the famous and infamous

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
AP Photo

There is a part of our personality that all of us want to ignore and supress. We believe it to be imperfect, negative and sometimes downright nasty. We either received these messages from our parents, our religion or our society in our early lives. This part of our personality is what Carl Jung named our "shadow" and for most of us it is a struggle to keep it out of view and hidden from those from whom we seek approval.

To suppress this part of us comes at great peril to our psyches. If this part of us is not acknowledged it remains hidden and goes underground and manifests as complexes and neuroses and depression. We are like Peter Pan, forever trying to reclaim our "shadow" and "stitch" it back on us because subconciously we are aware that we need it to become a whole person.

It is a task for all of us to become conscious of or "own" this part of our personality so that it doesn't burst forth in our lives to wreck havoc. As an example let's look at the much maligned and over publicized Tiger Woods.  In the Cards of Destiny system, Tiger's Birth Card is the Ace of Hearts. On the positive side he has a child-like, spontaneous quality that keeps love alive and youthful and vibrant. He loves falling in love and he loves the chase. On the dark side is the fact that he can be self-centered, impetuous and emotionally immature. Like many of us, he has not learned how to integrate or channel this part of his personality in healthy ways and so now he is fodder for the tabloids and his personal life is unraveling.

What Tiger and all of us need to learn is that these darker parts contain talents and gifts and if they are brought out into the light and used for the good, they can literally transform our lives.

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