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Our right to privacy, liberty and personal security - no longer honored?

Constitutional rights of American citizens

A citizen's right to privacy, liberty and personal security? We used to think so.

Now, while sitting comfortably in our homes, our personal phone conversations and personal e-mails are being 'recorded' and 'filed' indefinitely by our own government.

Senator Rand Paul recently announced that he is planning to file a class action lawsuit which questions the right of the government to collect personal telephone calls and e-mails of citizens.

While acknowledging that Americans want personal security, Senator Paul states, "we are not willing to trade our liberty for security." Describing his recent work, he states, "we already have hundred of thousands of signatures from citizens." He emphasizes that "any citizen who owns a cell phone is eligible to join the lawsuit's list of names on my Facebook page." The Senator explains his recent action,

According to CNN writer, Evan Perez, Top-secret court renews NSA snooping at critical point, "The top-secret federal court that oversees government surveillance on Friday reauthorized the National Security Agency's program that collects data on nearly every phone call in the United States."

In his January 3, 2014, announcement, Senator Rand Paul questioned the "secretive court" in which Attorney General Eric Holder argued the decision regarding the NSA collection of personal data of citizens.

In another security-related matter of importance to citizens, referencing President Obama's recent attempt to sign up for Obamacare, Attorney Orly Taitz submitted an FOIA request to the Office of Insurance Regulation in Florida to verify security procedures in effect during enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.

In December, 2013, White House correspondence officers stated to reporters, among them Foxnews correspondent Ed Henry, that Obama could not sign on the web site as his information "was scrubbed from the data bases."

A newly received response from FOIA Officer Mary-Beth Senkewitcz, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Insurance Regulation in Florida, sent to Taitz stated that "Washington, DC Healthcare Exchange does not have any order by any judge directing them to remove Obama's identification information from their database." Further, Ms. Senkewitcz stated that "there is no mechanism to protect US tax payers from fraud and use of ACA (Obamacare) by illegal aliens or people using stolen Social Security numbers."

Most importantly, the response from FOIA Officer Mary-Beth Senkewitcs indicates, "there is no reporting requirement for employees of the Exchange to report identity fraud, identity theft and use of stolen IDs by individuals signing up for ACA."

How safe and secure can we feel knowing that our 'private' phone calls and e-mails are collected daily by our government?

We have now been informed by a government official that there is no reporting requirement for employees of the Exchange (Obamacare) to report identity fraud or identity theft.

While many of us are required to input our own personal data into the Affordable Care Act web site in order to purchase health insurance, we are apparently advised that no safeguard against fraud and identity theft is available.

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