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Our national Messiah complex

In Exodus 29:38-41 we read of the morning and evening burnt lamb offerings. Most Jews no longer make these sacrifices. They were among a long list of offerings to continually forgive the people of Israel their sins. Unlike those sacrifices, Jesus offered himself once for the sins of the entire world (Hebrews 7:11-27). He did so for Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, Russian, and also American people that he loves. We tend to point people to our democracy, our history, our version of freedom, and we make ourselves into idols, because we worship ourselves.

We have forgotten God. We have forgotten Jesus. We think that we have the capacity to take away the problems of the world, but we do not. John the Baptist did not place himself above God. That’s why John pointed to Jesus, because he is that Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29-42). We are not that Lamb. We are not that Messiah. Yet, each nation tends to have a Messiah complex, a grandiose self-styled ego that makes it think that it will save the world. This national mental illness has affected every powerful country throughout history and we are no exception.

Yet, there is only one Messiah and we are not it. Delusions of grandeur only make us blind to our problems, both nationally and personally. It is not the size of a nation's army or its economy that make it great, but the piety of its soul. That’s why John twice said, look the Lamb of God. That’s why Jesus said, come and you will see. He was talking about seeing more than just the place where he was staying. The one thing that all the forces of evil would love to have us do is take our eyes off Jesus. That is what we have done nationally and we live the consequences. Yet, it is him we must look to, because salvation is available nowhere else.

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