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Our Lady of Medjugorje wants everyone to have the greatest virtue: Charity Love


Our Lady of Medjugorje

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This month of March, the Medjugorje visionary Mirjana received two messages. The first was the monthly message given to her on the 2nd of each month. And the second message is the one she receives once a year on the 18th of March. The subject of these messages is charity love.

This is the message for the 2nd of the month:

"Dear children, In this special time of your effort to be all the closer to my Son, to His suffering, but also to the love with which He bore it, I desire to tell you that I am with you. I will help you to triumph over errors and temptations with my grace. I will teach you love, love which wipes away all sins and makes you perfect, love which gives you the peace of my Son now and forever. Peace with you and in you, because I am the Queen of Peace. Thank you."

Could it be that those who will listen to this message faithfully are those of whom she says are trying to be closer to Jesus and his suffering? Anyway, it is difficult to love with pride and a wounded heart. And it is probably just as difficult to love those we find disgusting. It would take a very special grace from God to overcome ourselves and do what is right and decent. And who better to teach us than she who is "full of grace" -Luke 1:28.  So it would appear that the secret to becoming perfect is finding the gentle guiding voice of Mary in our hearts.

This is the annual message to Mirjana on each March 18th:

"Dear children! Today I call you to love with all your heart and with all your soul. Pray for the gift of love, because when the soul loves it calls my Son to itself. My Son does not refuse those who call Him and who desire to live according to Him. Pray for those who do not comprehend love, who do not understand what it means to love. Pray that God may be their Father and not their Judge. My children, you be my apostles, be my river of love. I need you. Thank you."

It is up to the individual to ask for the gift to love. "Ask and you will receive" -John 16:23-25.  And the way to receive the gift of love is to actually show charity when the opportunity to love the neighbor presents itself. So asking for the gift to love is asking for opportunities to love our neighbor. And Our Lady reveals that we attract Jesus to us when we love our neighbor.

But it is not enough to ask for the gift of love for ourselves. We must also ask that God give others the grace to understand love. When Our Lady of Fatima showed the three shepherd children how souls fell into hell like rain, she said that it was because they had no one to pray for them. And ever since then, the children found no other desire than to pray the rosary for souls. Our Lady, who loves each soul like a mother does implores us, "I need you." 


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