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Our favorite Carol is celebrated again. We do give a damn!

I'm so glad we've had more time together
I'm so glad we've had more time together
Courtesy Time-Life/StarVista

Mother's Day. Father's Day. For any grad. Or Carol Burnett fan.
First there was the collectible Carol Burnett plate:
Now you can celebrate the iconic 1976 Went With The Wind parody with this limited edition artfully mastered figurine. The amazing detail in Starlet's dress and Rat Butler's expression will take you right back to Tara.
Masterfully crafted in artist resin, life-like 8 1/2-inch tall replica of Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman . . . frankly Starlet and Rat, my dears, I give a damn!
Order at $99.95 by calling (800) 950-7887 or visiting