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Our current political climate

The flag of the United States of America
The flag of the United States of America
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Any reasonable person would agree that no one should be allowed to take control over The White House by assassinating the president. Whether one likes him or not is irrelevant because it's not about him; it's about protecting the President of the United States of America. By the same token, we can't allow people to take control over The White House by impeaching presidents.

The "cult of personality" voter mentality has created a situation where The Commander in Chief of The United States Department of Defense is a person who has never been in the military. The last president had no military experience either. And the one before that. We haven't had a Commander in Chief of the military who has military experience for over twenty years. We're having longer wars now than we've ever had.

Stop blaming Hillary for Benghazi: She's a former senator, former first lady, and former trial attorney, NOT a former Benghazi handler. When Barack hired her for the position he should have assigned a high ranking senior military officer as a "helicopter parent" who had the authority to answer her phone if it rang too long.

All of the political parties hire media specialists who have perfected the "cult of personality" campaign. They're telling voters that politicians can solve their problems and it's not true. If they could they would say that their boss is Jesus Christ.

They've also perfected the "Salem Witch Trial" campaign. They go way beyond mudslinging. Mudslinging is when opponents try to discredit each other by making malicious accusations that are mean spirited and inaccurate. It's far worse than that now.

During the last presidential election year I received about ten emails a day requesting campaign donations. Now it's about five per day. They're more aggressive than the panhandlers on 6th Street in San Francisco. They're worse than Jehovah's Witnesses. Why aren't spam filters blocking them?

The senders say how much cash they've raised so far and when I see their jaw-dropping numbers my first thought is that the money should be sent to nonprofits organizations such as schools, hospitals, and charities. They've wasted a lot of money on hiring public relations staff to solicit donations from voters on a daily basis. It's five times a day, and during an election year it's ten. They have no common sense at all.

The reason why I haven't hit the spam button is because occasionally, once in a blue moon, they send something important. Like all voters I would want to know if something serious is going on. Only an idiot would spam our officials when there's a war going on and so we're forced to keep that line of communication open even though they bombard us with contentious bipartisan politics and some of it looks like it was created by a kid.

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