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Our companion in connection

You cannot enter holiness except through Her. She has always ruled and when she departs chaos takes over. She is the connection between above and below which translates to our aspirations of unity in the midst of everyday life. The process continuously transforms from above each step along the way until there is a realized perfection below. What we are speaking about here is consciousness, the network of thought that connects us all and is in and through all.

Companion in connection

Mankind, the very idea of a humankind, the appearance of intelligent life that somehow becomes aware of cause and effect has been the focal point of Creation endlessly repeating itself in countless variations. We have been shown through legends, sacred stories, tales passed from generation to generation how the Mystery shows itself to us purely for the purpose of revealing itself. We have also witnessed how we go to sleep in the midst of the revelation reverting to chaos and then having to relearn the same lessons time and again. This happens no matter how sophisticated the civilization becomes. There is a simple reason for this as we also have learned repeatedly throughout the millennia.

The reasons for falling asleep to the revelation may be summed up succinctly. It is a failure to recognize the Shekinah and indeed a concerted effort to block Her influence in the affairs of men. While these attempts to block are primitive they are never completely successful. The primary blocking technique is how man subjugates woman tries to subdue her voice and reduce her influence in the general overall affairs of the world. We can see this throughout society in the fundamental orthodox communities of religion and in the vastly male dominated politics that have so tortured this world by denying the influence of woman.

Woman is after all the clearest representation of Her will, of the Shekinah, of the influence of connection. Woman seeks not to divide and conquer but rather to bring together the family in harmony. The ills, the inequalities, the greed, the indifference, the rationalizations for war, all can be placed on man. It is however, a man who has denied and blocked his own better nature.

Now despite all of these rationalizations, these laws, She is as relevant and powerful as ever because without Her we would cease to exist. Without the source of connection there would be no life, no higher purpose and certainly no chance whatsoever of unifying with the Creator principle on high.

In terms of consciousness we have to learn to accept Her within as our companion in connection. We must learn to stop warring against ourselves by denying Her connection. She comes through via mitzvos, happiness, prayers, blessings, and She encourages all of this. She awakens to our own awareness of Her and then builds upon that awareness constantly.

We are entering a time where Her awareness will increasingly overcome the blocks that have been put in place. For each of us remembering Her and becoming a part of Her flow places us into direct connection with the unity that is God. B"H.

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