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Our best friend

Each day is a new excursion for a puppy. Those of us who have raised a dog from puppy to adult and then stayed in that relationship for the years to come; we know the fun and of course destruction a puppy can bring. When looking at a new pet, people need to approach this addition with open eyes and pure love in their hearts. Every pet is different and every steward of that pet is different. Some will test us beyond the boundaries we know about and then some; while others will move into our home and lives to be the absolute best pet ever.
The pet can be an AKC with papers as long as the road to the capital or with a linage as questionable as the road to the capital. The important questions we must ask ourselves are we ready for this ride. When adopting a new pet we must do our homework, for instance a Jack Russell is the cutest thing ever; but also has more energy than that pink bunny which says it keeps going and going and going. Are we ready for that? While a Husky may seem the perfect pet to have outside with only a random visit to the inside; but we must remember they have an insatiable curiosity and will go to drastic length to figure out what something is, this may include eating the dog house.

If this is the summer of a new pet, do the homework. Look at time we have the setting we have and most of all be sure we can meet the needs of this new friend. When adopting a large breed that will only be happy with lots of exercise, are we ready to devote this kind of time and physical activity. While so many of are working or looking for work or want to work, where will this leave the new friend in our life. Do we have the financial ability to place the pet in daycare at the very least half a day? If not, we probably do not have the financial ability to replace the carpet our new friend just ripped up and shredded. What kind of activities can be in place at home for our new friend when we are making the financial freedom to have this friend?

Doing all the research and going into pet ownership with open eyes, is one of the most satisfying things we can do. This pet will be here for us, when all else is gone. When in the middle of the night there is a need for companionship after hearing a friend has just passed on or when we have just been fired for something which was totally not our fault. This is the one who will change rooms of the house as we do, just to be close. Yes we cannot ask for a better friend or confidant.

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