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Our 4 favorite facial oils

Use facial oils to treat the skin
Use facial oils to treat the skin
Karley Ziegler Mott

Facial oils are becoming more and more popular when it comes to skin care, and there's a good reason: they can be highly beneficial to the skin.

I was first introduced to facial oils back in 1997 when I was working for Clarins. In my early 20s, I had the typical oily t-zone and thought my best bet would be to avoid oils at all cost.

I was curious to learn why the line had facial oils even for those for the oiliest of skin. When you're studying aesthetics, you are not taught about using natural plant-based oils on oily skin. I wanted to learn more. I began using Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil to *balance* my oily skin and after just a few short days, my skin was actually less oily. It was normal!

Why does this work?

First of all, it is important not to let the word "oil" scare you. Most natural oils do not, in fact, clog the pores. Some oils, such as Jojoba Oil, actually mimic your skin's own natural sebum and can drawn excess oil out. Jojoba is not the only oil of benefit to the skin. There are literally dozens of natural oils that will help rebalance your skin.

Sweet almond oil is another great oil, especially for those with very dry skin. It is highly emollient and can also relieve itchiness, redness, and skin rashes. If your skin is tight and feels parched, look for products with sweet almond oil.

It's just a matter of which base oil is used to start and which essential oils are added in for your skin's particular needs.

Many natural essential oils, such as rosemary, lemongrass, grapefruit and geranium actually provide antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making them ideal for oily and acne prone skin types. Others, such as carrot seed, rose, and frankincense are ideal for dry and aging skins. Natural plant and floral extracts and herbs blended into the facial oils work similarly.

How to Use Facial Oils

You will want to use sparingly, no matter what the skin type. I also advise using facial oils at night. You can use a facial oil alone as your night time treatment, under your night time facial cream or balm, or even mixed in the palm of your hand with a facial mask. It is up to you. If you are oily, I recommend the facial oil as your sole night time source of hydration.

Apply just a couple of drops with your fingertips into your cleansed skin.

Which Oil Blend is Best for You?

Here are my picks for specific skin types:

With sunflower seed and grapeseed oils blended with other beneficial ingredients such as carrot seed and carrot root, Suki Nourishing Facial Oil is ideal for dry skin skintypes. $32.95

Fortified with geranium, argan oil and olive squalane, Pangea Organics Himalayan Geranium & Pomegranate Balancing Oil is going to be delightful for combination and oily skin types--even normal skin. This oil is vegan and gluten-free as well. $55

If dry or mature skin is your skin type, Lustro Face Oil 2 from Beauty Counter is ideal. This facial oil contains a cocktail of argan, grapeseed, marula and other oils, alongside jasmine, to help nourish, hydrate, and firm the skin. $64

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