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Ottawa couple takes action after medical marijuana policy changes in Canada

Marijuana in Cool Dish
Marijuana in Cool Dish
"it was 3 a.m." via Flickr Creative Commons

Russell Barth and Christine Lowe are an Ottawa couple who are suing the Canadian federal government for $6.5 million after Health Canada announced plans to implement policy changes to medical marijuana laws on April 1, 2014. The couple utilize marijuana for pain management, post-traumatic stress, and epilepsy.

If you're thinking $6.5 million is a lot to sue the government for over marijuana, you may want to think again. Barth and Lowe explain that the amount reflects the amount of money they will have to pay for marijuana under the new legislation for the next 40 years.

The way the system currently works is that individuals prohibited medical marijuana would either grow it themselves or have a designated grower do it for them. Starting in April, users can only obtain the herb from seven approved commercial growers and the cost will be higher.

If the government does not agree to provide them with the $6.5 million, Barth and Lowe would also accept if the government removed marijuana from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or extend an exemption to the grant to the couple.

Evidently, changes in marijuana policy in the United States are stirring up the same hopes in Canadians.