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Other sports will help you ski better


The first time Lori took her son roller skating they didn’t have much fun and they didn’t go back. Her son was learning and fell down a lot.  About a year later they gave it another try and had a blast. The same situation often happens with beginner skiers.

Lori discovered the miracle of muscle memory that the human body unconsciously stores into our brains each time we participate in a new sport. A lot of time may go by between giving a sport a try, but the body will remember and do better each time.

Whether you are roller or ice skating, riding a bike, or skiing, your performance will improve greatly during the beginner stage. Lori’s son did not have much fun the first time around. This is especially true with skiing, as the first several times is a lot of work to learn the basics.

It is so important to understand this and not give up!  Imagine how dull life would be if we gave up learning to walk or drive a car?

People who are involved in other sports learn to ski so much faster. Roller skating is an excellent sport to get your muscles ready and improve balance for the ski season. It is also good therapy when the weather is dreary.

Get active now, since the weather will be getting colder soon and your body will thank you for being more prepared.