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Other scenery around Mt. Rushmore

Scenery near Mt. Rushmore
Scenery near Mt. Rushmore
M Jester

Mt. Rushmore National Monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of the most visited outdoor attractions in the country. However, the striking sculptures of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are not the only attraction to see in the area.

The whole region is filled with amazing vista of landscape. Amazing granite rock formations that make the material of the sculptures provide incredible views that greet visitors as they drive through the roads around Mt. Rushmore National Monument. There are many road turn offs where you are allowed to park your vehicle and enjoy the scenery. Photo opportunities are everywhere. It is true to say that there is more to the Black Hills than just Mt. Rushmore.

After you have visited the monument grounds and centers, be sure to allow for some time to take in the overall beauty of the entire area. You will be glad that you did.