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Other aspects of Fashion

You may think that fashion is glamorous and only within the reach of the elite. This couldn't be further from the truth. Fashion is for everyone. No matter how behind you are with the fashion times, no matter how "non-trendy" you seem to be; fashion is also for you.

If you have a degree in fashion, for whatever reason, you can make this work for you. Fashion has so many different facets to explore. There are careers in buying, design and also retail. If you find yourself at a loss for preferred options, then you can find other outlets for your fashion training.

One aspect of fashion that is overlooked, is fashion writing. This is what I am actually doing right now and it can be a very lucrative career choice. Fashion writing consist of many different areas of fashion merchandising, marketing and also journalism. When venturing into the fashion writing arena, you can expect all sorts of freelance jobs to surface. One such project is the interview assignment. Most freelance writers find assignments like these while working for online magazines. The fashion writer, when landing a very profitable career with an online magazine, can enjoy all sorts of journalism projects that prime the fashion writer's publishing tools, the fingers.

You may still consider fashion very glamorous and almost unreachable, but this is not true. Fashion holds many secrets for the regular joe and provides a standard for graduates. Make your degree work for you and see where Fashion can take the freelancer.

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