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Otay Mesa on water watch

Otay residents scale down water use.
Otay residents scale down water use.
Adam Benjamin

Recent rainfall has not raised up water supply levels. Otay Mesa, earlier in March, declared a Level 1 Watch Supply Condition to lessen the need to draw down water levvels in San Diego resevoirs.

During the water watch, the Otay Water District urges district residents to voluntarily lower their water use by 10 percent. Many communities in Northern California, and in SOuthern California, facing immediate water shortages will be helped by conservation action in Otay. And, action could forestall more strict conservation measures in upcoming years.

The San Diego region does not expect a need for extraordinary water conservaton measures.

Governor Jerry Brown's statewide drought declaration ended the period the suthern districct stood by its plan to borrow water from Northern California water supplies without putting the district locals on a Level 1 notice for water savings.

The southern district in Otay advises local residents go to work on saving water now. Rebates are offered inthe district for high efficiency water saving equipment--sprinkler nozzles, clothes washers, and toilets. Plus, smart irrigation controllers. The district also gives a rebate to property owners who put in water wise plants to replace irrigated grass.

Southern California's heavy investment in water conservation, water recycling, and transitional storage during the last 20 years prepared the region for a drought. Extended drought conditions, however, could use up the saved water both Northern California, and Southern California, depend on.

The Otay Water District asks its residents to "do their part" to help California overcome the drought.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.