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OSU students hold Tax Day protest against Palestinian occupation

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Despite the unseasonable cold, on Tuesday a dozen student demonstrators held a Tax Day rally at the 15th Avenue entrance of the Ohio State University to protest U.S. support of Israel's occupation of Palestine, which costs American taxpayers $3 billion a year.

It was one of many demonstrations across the United States and at U.S. embassies around the world to make the case that taxpayer dollars used for military aid to Israel would be better spent on domestic programs, such as green jobs and affordable housing.

"Giving money to our government each year that maims and kills thousands, even hundreds of thousands of children, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, their grandparents, is part of why we suffer, in all the ways we do suffer, in the United States," writes Alice Walker in an open letter to the IRS. "Each year I feel the nausea of complicity, the sorrow in my heart, that sending money to buy bullets and bombs brings to me, or to anyone who believes it is wrong to harm, to injure, to kill another human being, who is, in truth, a part of ourselves."

Walker is withholding one dollar from her income tax payment this year as a token of her resistance to wars perpetrated and funded by the U.S.

"My single dollar is almost nothing, but what if millions of people, ten million people, also withhold one dollar?" she writes "What might we prevent the government from buying? Half of a drone? The propellers of a helicopter? A whole drone? A tank? The wheels of many tanks? A rocket?"