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Ostara Sabbat Celebration by Universal Society of Ancient Ministry March 23rd

Bright Blessings.

The Wheel, it turns, and as humanity embraces the Blessings of Spring, the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry has opened its arms to the Pagan community by holding an Ostara Celebration on March 23rd at the American Legion Hall, 37060 Huron River Drive in New Boston. All begins at 2:00 pm, so please give yourself enough time to arrive on time. All of a positive path and intent are welcome to join in this Sacred gathering.

Priestess Gerrybrete, shall lead the Journey of understanding to that place where all can celebrate that

"Ostara is seen as the time of total balance. The longest day and longest night, not winter and not yet spring. It marks the rebirth of nature and the return of the God who comes to join the Maiden to bring new life and fertility to the coming growing seasons. A day of joy and revelry" -

Those attending are welcome to bring a dish to pass, if they are so inclined and able. A good rule of thumb when attending a pot luck style gathering is to inform the hosts of any foods that may be allergen triggers. Also, if you have food sensitivities or allergies, it is also courteous and wise to inform the host so that they can be aware.

It has long been the Tradition that part of the Rites associated with Sabbats include not only Cakes and Ale, but also the Red Meal. What a wonderful time to truly share the sprouting of new intentions, and the forming of new relationships with others and with individual Dreams.

Please do not forget that this is also a collection point, and opportunity, for contributions to Pagans In Need. Canned goods, non perishable items, personal items, etc. are welcome. Your single act of Love can help many.

Admission is free to all, however they are accepting donations to go towards the rental of the hall. Even the tiniest bit, given with a glad heart, can make the difference.

Consider taking part in that real Old Tyme Religion.

Blessed Be.

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