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Ostara activities for solitary Pagans

Lillies and eggs are symbols of Ostara
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Ostara is the next Pagan Sabbat. This year it falls on March 20th. Ostara is the first day of the spring season. This is the time of year for personal growth, fertility, balance, new ideas, and new life. Pagans throughout Maine will be celebrating this Sabbat in different ways. The following are some activities that solitary pagans can do on Ostara.

Decorate the altar

Take some time to decorate the altar for the Sabbat. Use a pastel colored altar cloth. Place a basket of decorated eggs in the center of altar. Egg shaped candles can be used for this Sabbat. They can be found in pastel colors or with fancy decorations on them. A newly planted seedling would be a nice touch to the Ostara altar. Statues of baby animals can also be used as Ostara decorations.

Design your garden

Ostara is the first day of spring, so what better way to celebrate than by designing your flower, vegetable, and/or herb garden. Grab some paper and a pencil and draw out this year’s garden setup. Figure out where the seeds and seedlings will go. Decide on where you will put your garden stakes and decorations. Make a list of any seeds, decorations, soils, and gardening tools you would like to buy so that you can buy them before you start working on your garden.

Decorate eggs

There are many ways that eggs can be decorated for Ostara. They can be dyed, painted, stenciled, wrapped in string, and stickered. Decorate the eggs in whatever way you like. Place them in small baskets and egg holders. Display the eggs on tables and windowsills.

Fun with flower pots

Use pastel colored paints to decorate clay flower pots. You can paint them one solid color. Another idea is to paint the pots a solid color first and add polka dots, lines, or other decorations in a different color. You can also paint spring symbols onto the pots. Spring symbols include; lilies, lambs, bees, robins, and faeries. If you really like to paint, you can paint a spring scene on a large flower pot or window box.

Nature walk

Take a walk in the woods and breathe in the fresh air. Look around and see if you can spot the first signs of spring. Bring a basket along and collect any materials that can be found to use for future spell work, rituals, or decorations. Also bring your camera along to take pictures of the woods on the first day of spring.

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