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Oskar Blues, Colorado craft beer in a can

The Lineup: Old Chub, 7th Canniversary can, Ten Fidy, Yella Pils, Gordon IPA, Dale's Pale Ale
The Lineup: Old Chub, 7th Canniversary can, Ten Fidy, Yella Pils, Gordon IPA, Dale's Pale Ale
Photo by Tyler Burgei

Oskar Blues Brewery, located in Lyons, Colo., is a brewery that likes pushing the boundaries when it comes to traditional beer.  At least with the way they present the stuff.

These days, craft beer is a thriving market, particularly in Colorado.  See what sets apart craft beer from "mega" beers here.  To set itself apart from other craft breweries, however, Oskar Blues Brewery cans its craft beer.

Oskar Blues celebrated its seventh anniversary of the Canned Beer Apocalypse with a party, dubbed Canniversary, on December 8, 2009.  The public was invited to "The Barn" next to the brewery in Lyons; an all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet was available for $5 per person, as well as, of

Flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale, as well as Momma's Little Yella Pils Pilsner, One Nut Brown Ale and Old Chub Scottish Ale were available on draft for $2 per 12 oz. serving.  Twelve ounce cans of Ten Fidy Imperial Stout and Gordon Ale Imperial Red/Double IPA were available for $3 each.  One person could eat a delicious meal and have two full beers for under $10; you can't beat that with a stick.

The only downfall to this barn party was that, well, it was in a barn.  In Colorado.  In December.  However, if the cold weather was a factor - which it appeared not to be for most - the brewery's restaurant right next door was open for business as always.  Great food, live music and a full bar that includes the brewery's entire selection on draught awaited those searching for a more refined dining experience.

The debate continues and will forever; does canned beer measure up to the bottle?  Well, it sure seems to in Lyons, Colo. 


  • Tim Nichols 5 years ago

    Cans are the future! They're impervious to light, more easily recyclable, made out of a higher percentage of recycled content, they're lighter, which saves on delivery truck fuel. What's not to like? Cans have just been given a bad name by the mega-breweries.