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Oscars long-list for original song announced

All-American Rejects are on the long list for the Oscars' long-list for the Original Song Award in 2014 for their title "Gonzo."

All-American Rejects' album "Kids" has been out since 2012. You may not have heard it, so go check it out now!
All-American Rejects

Other titles up for the award are "Going Nowhere" by Lucinda Belle (which awesomely was written, performed, sung, and produced by Lucinda Belle with Tomislav Benzon on guitar), and "Bones" by Thom Crawford & Joanne Perica.

All-American Rejects haven't been stirring up too much trouble in the newsroom these last few years, but that doesn't downplay their talent or their dedication to writing original pieces by their own hand, which says a lot about alternative artists these days.

Their last couple of notable performances were at the Winter Olympics in 2010 at Whistler Medals Plaza, and with a DirecTV performance at Super Bowl XLIV with a special set that aired in February, but winning this award is sure to put them back on the grid.

2012 marked the year of release for the album Kids In The Street which we will review later for all you fans of the band, but since then, no fifth studio album has been released or announced. While all quiet's on the "All-American" Front, we'll keep you tuned to new information as it arises.

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