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Oscars drinking game

photo: Jose Manuel at Flickr

The 86th annual Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) are coming up tomorrow night, so what better way to prepare than to create a drinking game? The show is being hosted by everybody’s girlfriend and humor therapist, Ellen Degeneres, so the night is guaranteed to be amazing. Follow the rules below and you’re sure to be sloshy by “Best Actress…”

One drink:
• Leonardo DiCaprio is shown (likely looking sad)
• A joke about Jonah Hill is made
• A joke about drugs, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Wolf of Wall Street is made
• Someone makes fun of Sandra Bullock’s age
• Someone brings up Jared Leto’s music/Thirty Seconds to Mars is mentioned
• Someone brings up Jared Leto’s ombre hair
• Someone makes fun of how boring a movie is…and it wins
• Barkhad Abdi is spoken down to
• Someone’s speech is too long

Two drinks:
• Ben Affleck’s marriage is brought up
• Leonardo DiCaprio loses
• Miley Cyrus is mentioned
• 12 Years a Slave is given all accolades but loses
Jennifer Lawrence’s name is uttered
• Someone mentions that they’re going to be cut off by the music

Three drinks:
• Someone ignores the music and continues their speech as usual
• Someone trips and/or falls
• Cate Blanchett shows up as Cate Blanchett
• Lupita Nyong’o out-dresses everybody
Meryl Streep. Period.

Let us know what you look forward to the most in the comments!

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