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Oscars date night? Jennifer Lawrence brings boyfriend Nicholas Hoult (photos)

Jennifer Lawrence brings boyfriend Nicholas Hoult to the Oscars
Jennifer Lawrence brings boyfriend Nicholas Hoult to the Oscars
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence tripped twice before she got into the Dolby Theater for the 86th Annual Academy Awards but don’t worry she had someone to catch her! The accomplished actresses brought her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult as her date on Sunday night. The couple were sitting next to each other during the Oscars and several times were seen looking at each other intently.

The trouble Jennifer Lawrence had staying on her feet definitely had the fans giggling. Not only was it seen by hosts of different networks, Ellen DeGeneres also pointed it out on national television. Of course, the fans made a few jokes about it too, but all of her stumbles seemed to be just accidents.

With Nicholas Hoult by her side, it appears that Jennifer Lawrence is very serious about her latest relationship. Offering the fans a view of her date, this will have the fans talking and it appears the star doesn't mind at all. As cute as her boyfriend is perhaps the fans should be jealous. Of course viewers are probably just happy for the star as everyone deserves a good guy!

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet of the Oscars. She looks stunning.