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Oscars are over still celebrate with watching these five past Best Pictures

The 86th Academy Awards just ended and it was a good year. Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong'o, were just some of this year's winners.

If you're still reeling from Oscar fever or feel like watching a movie after the festivities, I provided five past Best Picture winners, which this year's Best Picture winner was, "12 Years A Slave."

1. "The English Patient"

"The English Patient," won at the 69th Academy Awards, which it beat out two other popular films that year, "Fargo," and "Jerry Maguire." The sweeping period drama had a fine cast and plot about fate, World War II, romance, and tragedy.

2. "Tom Jones"

The 1963 "Tom Jones," won four Oscars and Albert Finney was in the lead as the character, Tom Jones. The British adventure comedy was highly popular at the Box Office when it first came out. It was the third most popular film in Britain and the 4th in the U.S that year.

3. "The French Connection"

"The French Connection" is still one of best cop dramas out there and the infamous chase scenes still are amazing. "The French Connection," deserved its win. Fun fact the film was directed by William Friedkin, he also directed the horror classic, "The Exorcist."

4. "Gladiator"

"Gladiator," has to be one of the most popular Oscar winners and some of us probably even forget that the film won. "Gladiator," is a film that is always airing on TV channels. The film is still entertaining for both fans of the historical dramas and action flicks.

5. "Hamlet"

As a Shakespeare fan and this being my favorite play of his, I can't leave out Hamlet. This is the Hamlet as Laurence Olivier in the lead, and is one of the best adaptations. Olivier directed the picture too!

So those were some past Best Picture Oscar winners that one can watch to celebrate after the Oscars! You can have your own after Oscar party!

Did you enjoy this year's Oscars?

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