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Oscars 2014: Winner Matthew McConaughey puts god first in acceptance speech

The Golden Globe Award winners have often been a predictor in Oscar Award winners. In 2014 this rang true on both accounts. In the Best Actor category, Matthew McConaughey graciously accepted the Oscar.

Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey puts god first in acceptance speech

McConaughey's outstanding and courageous performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" wasn't the only attention grabber at the awards show.

According to a March 3, report by Time, the actor's religious driven, faith based acceptance speech, could have won an Oscar for Best Oscar speech.

The actor's acceptance speech was a tale in itself, culminating in his thanking God, his parents here and gone, his wife and children, and lastly himself, for always striving to be better.

McConaughey's sincere gratitude and stated beliefs, mixed with a bit of southern charm, made his speech a high note in the evening's festivities.

​"He wants to thank God, who he looks up to. God is all about gratitude.

He wants to thank his family, who he looks forward to. His deceased father, he believes, is celebrating with a big pot of gumbo and a can of Miller Lite. His mother, still with us, taught him how to respect himself.

The person he chases is himself, 10 years into the future. He knows he will never catch up, but he wants to find out who that guy will turn out to be.

To all of that, he says “Amen,” ”Alright, Alright, Alright” and “Keep on Livin’.”​​​

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